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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "Anglican" mean?
The word Anglican means "of England" and describes churches that originated from the Church of England. And although it began in England, there are now Anglican churches throughout the world. The Anglican Communion (the term used to describe all of the Anglicans in the world) has over 80 million members and is growing more each day.

What is the history of Anglican worship?
The Anglican Church was started in the 16th Century during a period called the Protestant Reformation. However, many of the traditions that you'll see in our worship gatherings today actually go back two thousand years ago to the very beginnings of the church itself, just after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. By keeping these ancient traditions we are able to have deep roots into the way the Christian church has always worshipped God. At the Anglican Fellowship of Cincinnati we blend these ancient traditions with contemporary styles of worship creating a time of relevant and exciting worship with a firm foundation in the Scriptural and traditional history of the church.


We are affiliated with PEAR USA, the North American Missionary District of the Anglican Church of Rwanda. Click here to learn more about PEAR USA and their mission:


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